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Logo Designing is a way through which you can express your creativity and make money. Logo designing is a way to prove your talent to the world & it is high time you should take that opportunity.

People who are good at designing logos can take the opportunity to show their skills and earn money. There are many design websites where freelancing designers showcase their work, logo is one of them that can fetch you a high amount of money if it represents what you do.

Logo designing tips

What makes logo designing a creative art?

Logo designing is an art that requires skills, ideas and creativity. Logo designer needs to have all these qualities because the logo represents your business. Moreover it should be creative enough so that it attracts customers.

A logo should represent what you do so that people can click on your website & other social media platforms without wasting their time thinking about what you do.

The logo should represent your business so that whenever people see it, they instantly recognise it. A logo is the face of your company or business that represents your identity in front of the public.

According to a survey by “American Marketing Association” (AMA), more than 80 per cent of Americans prefer custom made logos rather than ready-made. There is numerous logo designing websites that offer quality services at affordable rates.

Logo designing takes time and money because the logo needs to be unique, creative & attractive so that customers click on your website. The logo should be relevant with the nature of business otherwise there are higher chances of losing customers.

Different Logos

People who are good at their work and like logo designing they can take the opportunity & earn money by providing services to businesses, organizations or individuals. Many websites provide platforms to freelance designers so that they can showcase their skills and make money by providing services.

We have compiled a list of the ten best websites for a freelancing logo designer that will boost up your career in no time:

1. Fiverr

Source: Fiverr.com

~ This website is an online marketplace where designers, web developers, marketers & writers purchase graphics & designs at fixed prices.

~ On Fiverr you can make money online here from 500 different service.

~ You can sell at base price 5$.

2. Freelancer.com

~ If you are good at designing then it is the best site to have high paying clients.

~ Freelancer has 23 million users that prefer hiring freelancers for their projects, logo designing is one of them which you can choose according to your skills.

3. Upwork

Source: Upwork.com

~ Upwork is a popular online platform where freelancing designers get high paying logo designing projects.

~ Logo designers can work from any location along with getting higher pay packages.

4. Guru

source: guru.com

~ It is an amazing website for individuals to hire freelance workers of different categories including logo, web & graphic design services.

~ You will find highly skilled designers here that can design logos as per your wish.

5. DesignCrowd

~ Logo designing is one of the most popular services provided by the design crowd, if you are looking for logo designers then this website is perfect to have unique & stunning designs.

~ Because of unique designs clients get attracted and return back to the same designer.

6. Designhill

~ If you are a designing expert then it is the best website for you to fetch clients from all across the globe & earn handsome money in no time.

~ Designhill is an online logo design community with over 350,000 designers from across the globe who are available 24/7 to create designs for you.

~ You can easily find lots of high paying logo designing projects on designhill that can fetch you high amounts of money.

7. 99Designs

Source: 99desgin.com

~ You can take the benefit of the contest that 99Designs holds, where different logo designers compete with each other to come up with unique designs.

~ Logo designing is one of the famous services you can sell at a base price of $299 on 99designs, and designers showcase their best work to grab attractive projects.

~ let’s consider that your design gets selected for the logo designing project. You will be paid handsomely without any hassles. Logo designing is one of the popular services on 99 designs that makes you money quickly.

8. LogoBids

Source: logobids.com

~ You can sell logo design at a base price of 5$, they provide high-quality service to keep their customers happy and return for more projects.

~ It is one of the best websites where you can easily sell logos at 5$ base price, if you have skills then you should have waste your time here.

9. Peopleperhour

~ Peopleperhour is a UK based website that enables freelancing in many fields. It has separate sections for logo designers. Peopleperhour provides the latest job postings from freelancers and companies who post jobs here.

~ Logo designing section on the site shows 771 live jobs on the site right now. And more than 100,000 registered Logo designers are added to the site.

~ Logo designing jobs are steadily increasing on Peopleperhour website.

Logo design is a general type of job but there are different types of logos like animations, images, etc., which have separate price ranges according to their work time and demand in the market.

10. Toptal

Source: toptal.com

~ Toptal is a freelancing website that provides logo designing, Mobile Apps Development etc., services for various types of businesses.

~ Logo designing jobs are increasing at a steady pace and you can earn good money if your profile matches the job requirements.

What makes logo designing so important?

Importance of logo

A logo is a symbol of your business that represents a business or company in front of customers, so this job will never go away from the market.

It can also be done using various programs but if you have graphic designing skills then it will be very beneficial for you to join a freelancing website. Logo designing is a great way to earn money because it doesn’t require any specific qualification or previous experience, what matters most is your creative skills.

Logos are the first thing that will catch customer attention so it’s important that design must stand out from the rest of the graphics in a business presentation.

Important tips for Logo designing

  • Your Logo should be clear and easy to read. Logo should be unique and attractive to draw customer attention.
  • A Logo design is important for businesses. It must suit the business and not be too bright and distracting to customers. Logo colours should represent your brand personality.
  • Logo must have professional look because it’s your business identity, so the logo colour schemes must match your business niches. The logo should have all important elements like typography, tagline, etc., Logo must represent your business in front of customers.
  • Your designs should be unique because it’s the first thing you want to catch the customer’s eye. Logo design must attract customers by providing them with what they need in their business or company.
  • Logo is not just a graphical mark; and it is something that will connect with customers and affect their minds. Logo design must stand out from the rest of the graphics in a business presentation.
  • A logo design should be different from others because if your logo is the same as others then it won’t attract customer attention, so you would lose chances of getting new clients.
  • Best logo maintains trust and familiarity with the customer base Logo design must be unique and it should represent your business services in front of customers, Logo colours should support your company message or brand personality.

Logo designing jobs will increase if you have creative skills that can help companies to get new customers easily. Logo designs affect everyone’s mind so it’s important to keep all these things in mind while Logo designing.

Final words to logo Designing:

Branding is an important element of any business or organisation. To bring your brand to the forefront, you need an effective branding strategy and design services. Logo design service is one of the most important components of this service.

A logo is a graphic mark or emblem commonly used by commercial enterprises, organizations and even individuals to aid and promote instant public recognition.

The logo should be scalable, so you can use this logo in any type of device at any size. The logo should be designed with a vector, so it can be used for both print and digital media. Logo design must support your company brand message.



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