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Designing has the potential to open up numerous possibilities for organizations. Its value is frequently underrated, but the attractive design may provide several essential business advantages. During the research and prototype stages of the creative designing, new product suggestions and the opportunity to discover your consumers’ needs and preferences are possible.

After all, how many people failed at their first business idea? It takes time, practice, and a little bit of luck to find your niche within the design, but once you do, there is no limit to the projects you can work on.

Graphic design is all around us, and it’s a skill and career that is always in demand. If you’re wondering how to make money as a graphic designer, use this advice whether you’re just getting started or have been working for some time.

There are several ways you can make money by freelancing in graphic design, whether you’re just starting in the designing field or if you’ve already spent years perfecting your craft. Here are 15 creative ways to make money with design.

15 Different Ways To Earn By Designing

1. Design a Logo for a Business

Design a Logo for a Business

Logo designing is an way to market yourself as a graphic designer. What you will need to do is create logos for local companies and businesses that can be used as your portfolio pieces. What’s great about this type of freelancing is it can be done locally, so no need to worry about working across cities or countries!

Things keep in mind when designing logos

  • What is the companies slogan or motto?
  • What do they stand for?
  • Which font is best suited to the advertisement?
  • What would you like to be associated with if it was your company that was being represented?
  • Which colors are most relevant for this type of product?

Logo designing is an fantastic way to convey a message and a great way to get your name out there. Who knows, you may even get a referral from one of the businesses that use their new logo!

2. Design and Sell Templates for Graphic Designers

Design and Sell Templates for Graphic Designers

So many graphic designers are always looking for pre-made templates that they can customize with their designs. Thousands of designers all around the world are looking for new templates to help them speed up their work. If you’re able to come up with an idea and make it happen, selling templates might be your next step to success!

What will you need to do if you want to create and sell templates online?

  • Create an Etsy account and list your templates there.
  • Set a price for each template, making sure to be competitive. What makes your templates unique? What are others charging?
  • Once you sell a template, remember to update the description with the completed project! This way, it can show up in searches for other graphic designers.

Designing this Templates is a great way to have a steady income without being tied down to a specific client. Designing templates is also a great way for graphic designers just starting out to build up their portfolios and add projects that they can add to their resumes.

3. Be a Part of Ad Agency

Virtually every single product you see on TV, in books, and even on grocery store shelves has been designed by an ad agency. What is an ad agency, you might ask? An ad agency is a company that specializes in advertisements of all types. So Ad agencies usually hire freelancers to work on the design aspects of the advertisement, such as:

  • What logos will be featured on the products?
  • Which font is best suited to the advertisement?
  • What colors are most relevant for this type of product?

You can apply directly at advertising agencies, or you can do so online by posting your resume and portfolio on job boards.

4. Design Websites and Apps for various Companies

Website and App designing

Websites are often the first impression a company or business gives its potential customers. It’s essential that you have all of your client’s best interests in mind when designing their website. Designing and implementing a website is an investment in the future: users who visit your site may well convert to customers. There are so many websites and apps out there so, its an great opportunity for you to get started with.

What should you consider when designing a website or app?

  • Make sure the design is intuitive to use for both customers and employees.
  • Create navigation bars that make it easy for customers to find what they are looking for on the website. Also, make sure you have contact information easily accessible!
  • Make sure the font and color scheme is easy to read.
  • Make your designs User-friendly and engaging. Users should be able to focus on the design and navigate it easily.

5. Design Creative Book Covers

5. Design Creative Book Covers

Although many aspiring graphic designers don’t think about creating book covers as a type of freelancing, it is one of the best ways to get exposure!

What will you need to do if you want to create book covers?

  • Have an idea of what type of cover you would like to design.
  • What style will your cover be: abstract, impressionist, or cartoon. The style of your cover should fit with what’s inside, so make sure you know the book before submitting it!

6. Design for T-shirts/Posters/Stationary

Design For T-shirts/Posters/Stationary

There are so many things you can design for, and it’s crucial to figure out what your client needs before getting started! When you know what type of product they are looking for, it’s much easier to make their dreams come to life!

What will you need to do if you want to design for T-shirts?

  • Find out how many colors are relevant for the shirt. Are they all the same, or are there different shades?
  • Do your research and try always to Come up with new ideas!
  • Once you have some ideas, sketch them out on paper to make sure they will look great.
  • When designing t-shirts, it’s essential to keep the design simple. You don’t want too many colors or fonts. Be sure your customers are able to pick up the design from far away!

7. Design beautiful Flyers and Posters

Design beautiful Flyers and Posters

What many people don’t know is that making flyers can be a real moneymaker! This type of freelancing is an excellent way to get your name out there and start working for companies in your area.

What should you keep in mind when creating flyers?

  • Does the flyer have a clear focus? What is its purpose? Why are people going to pick up this flyer?
  • Will it is handed out or posted on bulletin boards, doorknobs, etc.
  • Make sure the font and color scheme is easy to read.

Please keep it clean and straightforward unless you design one that is abstract or impressionist. Abstract and impressionist posters can be amusing but should always fit with your client’s brand! Always know what type of business you are designing for.

8. Be a Part of A Branding Agency

Brand agency

Branding agencies work with companies to create the brand that will represent their company. What many people don’t know is that this branding process includes the design of all the logos, color schemes, and fonts for a companies brand!

What can you expect when working with a branding agency?

  • You’ll work on every aspect of the branding.
  • Work with clients directly to create the best brand possible.
  • Concentrated work on smaller projects with quick turnarounds.

Many branding agencies are small start-up companies that either need freelancers or can’t afford to hire full-time employees. What you should expect is a lot of hard work, but also some pretty great perks, including working very closely with clients and being a part of something that has the potential to be very big.

9. Design and Sell Customized Branding Packages

Design and Sell Customized Branding Packages
source: picwizard

The second and third featured services of graphic design are Branding and Design. Branding is one of the more expensive high-ticket services that you can offer as a graphic designer, with costs ranging from $4000 to $8000 depending on your level of demand.

Here are the steps to designing a branding package:-

  • Do research on existing brands in your industry. See how they have branded themselves and what other competitors are doing.
  • Get down to business! Come up with ideas for your client, but don’t let them influence you too much. It should be a product of your imagination, not of your client’s.
  • Pay attention to the colors, fonts, and layout. Make sure it is unique!
  • When designing a branding package, remember that every little detail matters. You want customers to be conflicted on whether or not they should choose your product!

10. Design for Influencers

Design for influencer

Influencer marketing is a great way to get your name out there as a graphic designer; make sure you have some experience before offering your services! Influencers can be anyone from famous Instagrammers to friends on Facebook. If you have a large social media, following the process of getting started is very easy.

Design something that would look good on a t-shirt and say you have designed something for them to wear, so could they please post it? Make sure your clients know their followers as well as you do but don’t let that slow down your creativity!

What will you need to do if you want to design influencer marketing campaigns?

  • Do some research into different types of influencers, what they share and, more importantly, their audience!
  • Find out how many followers they have.
  • Make sure you understand their posts and what kind of posts will work well with your design. Will it be a product or something else?
  • Use the most prominent colors in the image and incorporate them with your design.
  • Keep it simple! Don’t overcomplicate the design with too many colors or fonts.

11. Design a Blog

Blog Designing

Designing a blog can be a fantastic way to help your clients get the most out of their online presence. Make sure you have plenty of experience with blogging before creating one yourself; however, it’s an all-around great thing to know how to do when it comes to graphic design.

What will you need to do if you want to design a fantastic blog?

  • Make sure the font and color scheme is easy to read.
  • Keep it simple and clean, use white space. Use different fonts, don’t let them take over your text!
  • Choose colors which are most relevant for this type of product.
  • Make sure the blog is easy to navigate and includes contact information!

12. Design for Freelance Clients

Design for freelance clients

Freelancing websites such as Fiverr, wallingstack and Freelancer are excellent sites to find clientele, as well as your social media presence such as Facebook. Also, keep in mind that Freelancing websites such as Freelancer have a built-in translator option, so if you are fluent in another language, it could give you an advantage over other Freelancers.

What will you need to do to design for Freelance clients?

  • Register yourself on free job sites such as Freelancer, wallingstack and Fiverr- Keep your prices lower than other Freelancers in your industry. This will attract more clients and build up experience!
  • Be open to many different types of projects, not just graphics or designs! You never know what your next job will be like!
  • Freelancers typically work at an hourly rate. Make sure you understand the process of completing a task and how long it takes, then find a Freelancing website that has a calculator to keep track of your hours

13. Design for Online Shops

Design online shop
Source: Freepik

In today’s world, designing for online shops is a great way to go! If you have the resources available, it’s also elementary. Freelancers can take on both small and large projects depending on how much they are willing to work for, but it does require some level of experience before you begin taking on large projects.

Creating designs like templates, banners, infographics, etc. for Online shops and making money from it. This can be a great source of income for any designer because it is the simplest way to make money by designing.

What will you need to do to make money designing for Shop owners?

  • Shop around and find out what Shop owners are looking for in terms of designs, and then put your twist on it!
  • This Owners have a specific style they are going for, so knowing that will help you design their Shop banner or Shop logo.
  • Shop owners may have a lot of content at a time, so try to understand what they need from their Shop designer and keep in mind the extra steps it takes when designing for an online shop!
  • Keeping your Shop designs consistent will help Shop owners brand their Shop, which builds up their Shop reputation.

Shop owners may tend to stick with one Shop designer that is familiar to them, so even if you offer your designs for cheap, don’t take all of the shop owner’s business! Keep part of it for yourself and raise your prices over time. Shop owners will know they can trust you and continue to work with you, building a long-lasting business relationship.

14. Design Social Media Template

Design Social Media Template
Source: Freepik

Social media is HUGE, and it’s only getting bigger! Designing social media templates is a great way to make money online because everyone needs an upgrade for their social media.

What will you need to do to make money in Designing Social Media Templates?

  • Do your research! Know what types of graphics are trending right now. Designers are always asking their friends or Google what is trendy in social media.
  • Designing Social Media Templates is an ever-changing business, so it’s essential to keep up with current trends!
  • Designers typically stick to one platform for consistency purposes, i.e., Facebook covers/banners, Twitter banners/covers, Instagram Design Templates, etc.
  • Design Social Media templates that are specific for brands or businesses. Designing generic social media templates is a great way to get clients, but sticking with creating specifically for brands will help you establish yourself as an expert in your field.

Designing Social Media Design Templates can help boost your Design Career exponentially. Designers make a lot of money doing this because people tend to pay for quality-looking designs!

15. Start Your Branding Agency

Start your branding Agency

Starting your branding agency is excellent if you have a professional background in graphic design and branding, but it might not be for everyone.

What will you need to do if you decide to start your agency?

  • Build up your portfolio to show off the Best work you’ve done.
  • Develop a good relationship with clients and convince them that you can help them grow their businesses.
  • Find other freelancers that specialize in different areas of graphic design, such as logos, web designs, or advertisements.

Every great business starts somewhere, and if you have an impressive enough portfolio, you will be able to grow your own branded agency!

Important things to keep in mind while designing

~ Learning a new design talent is often considerably more manageable if you need it to make something particular to you, mainly if that’s something personal to you. Designing for yourself is much easier than designing for an external client.

~ Design can be one of the most flexible professions around. Don’t think it’s only about computers because technology changes rapidly, and soon you’ll be designing with things like virtual reality or augmented reality.

~ Designers are perfectionists, and they’re never satisfied with their work. They’re always on the hunt for a new idea that could be better. Designers have healthy self-respect and never settle for their first design idea. Designers know there is a ‘better’ design out there; they need to find it.


~ Design works with all kinds of brands, from tiny startups to giant corporations. Designers often find themselves working with the same companies, again and again. Designers keep their portfolios up-to-date so they can work on new brands every few months.

~ Design works across all kinds of industries, and Design can be used in fashion and interior design and not just technology and communications. Designers often cross over into areas that they don’t specialize in. Designers are open to new industries and thrive on learning something new.

Conclusion to Designing

A passion project can therefore lead you to learn skills that you hadn’t previously considered without requiring the level of necessary self-restraint for formal study. If you really want to improve your design skills, then try experimenting with some side projects.

You’ll learn not only new skills but also gain fresh perspectives on the trade that will inform future projects.You can do this if you’re just starting by drawing up simple images for fun, using your sketchbook, or even making digital images using apps like Photoshop or Illustrator and showing them to your friends and family.

You can develop your skills by taking some online tutorials; we suggest visiting Treehouse. You don’t need to go too far out of your way – it’s perfectly acceptable to practice on fun projects that you enjoy making.

Businesses can also sometimes see the value in such hobbyist work, so if you have something that you are proud of, don’t be afraid to submit it in the hope of having it picked up.



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