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Today I will provide you very important information if you want to buy a smartphone.

 Right, so you want to know what is the best smartphones are for the premium range and budget sectors want to know whether to buy now or wait for upcoming devices in the next few months if the answer is yes then this blog is for you I will also provide you full information which is very important for you. so currently we are right now in the middle of two waves of smartphones releasing in 2022. so there’s a real dearth of new phones to buy but you still might want one or need one so I have compiled a list hit of current smartphones that excel in certain categories that still might be great for you to buy right now but also some phones within each said category that is currently being launched or are on the cusp of being launched over the next couple of months. Now let’s turn our attention to the budget or valley for money area I have two, that I have been currently using and also three that you might want to possibly. So for the first one in this section, it’s really the value where this next phone really hits the nail on the head because it’s not crazy cheap but this phone does cover pretty much all of the major bases and pretty competitively and all for just around 250 UK pounds dollars this is the


 For me, this is one of the most impressive builds in terms of feeling the hand on a phone of its price legitimately if you told me that this phone was a thousand pounds at first impressions io wouldn’t really argue gorgeous frosted pearl rear a 120-hertz full HD plus in an  AMOLED display stereo speakers 4520mah battery 33 watts fast charging close to stock software and 48-megapixelInumberAprilsoon-to-launch AMOLED triple camera with an ultra-wideInumberApril and a macro so basically just a dual camera because macro cameras on budget phones the chip inside also is I wouldn’t say flagship but it’s pretty close to flagship the snapdragon 875 g and for reference here are some benchmarks not a huge difference as mentioned. I am not a fan of the small number of ads that are baked by default into the software when downloading apps for example but these can be turned off in settings overall a top phone but if you wanted to wait till march Aprillaunch speaker die-hards iPhone of 108-megapixel flagship-level Xiaomi naming named finds time couple more months then we believe its successor the F4 is due to be announced traditionally POCO has kind of been the global version of the Redmi k series of phones. So they have an industry-leading snapdragon 801 chip 12 gigabytes of ram and 4700 mah battery with 120-watt fast charging of the soon-to-launch speaker die-hard iPhone kind of in  Redmi k50 pro or anything to go by then the global pocket F4 series could be one of the most impressive of 2022. If you don’t want to spend that much money on a brand new device a true budget option you could go for is this here,


Hot 10s is a 6.67 inch 120hz AMOLED panel stereo speaker with a six-nanometer die-hards iPhone Xiaomi MediaTek strange naming scheme. But it offers a lot for its 100 150 price tag infinix i believe are based in hong kong and they really started making a name for themselves creating really affordable devices and packing quite a lot in there this earphone is no different we have a large 6.82 inch L.C.D display it is only 720p but it is 90 hertz and it looks pretty decent android 11 MediaTek helio g85 chip and a huge 6000 mah battery cell are all involved we have a headphone jack for those die-hardsiPhoneiPhone and we also have a 48 megapixel triple camera array there are downsides of course for the price the XOS launcher is pretty heavy i would personally prefer something closer to stock and high-end gaming for example would be a struggle but another good budget option here right i hear some of you say what about apple according to most the inventor of the smartphone well the 2022 brand new iPhone  model is believed to be announced in march April time originally many believed there would be a design overhaul on the already outdated looking 2020 model which was of course modeled on the iPhone 8. So leaks of a similar look to the iPhone 10r were hyped early on but as time has gone on a spec bomb the addition of 5G and a possible plus size model might be the only major changes we are gonna see the same forehead chin physical touch id button the works enough to satisfy easy enthusiasts for another couple of years maybe I just hope they up the battery capacity of the new site kind Xiaomi named finds flagship first-megapixel OIS iPhone iPhoneflagship Xiaomi first-ever three-megapixel HD. because to be polite this one kind of  its flagship-level  Xiaomi finds something that the final phone in the budget category does not share

 Xiaomi 11i.

 which will bit to be desired i want ataste of premium but i don’t want to spend a fortune still welcome to the premium budget the mid-range the flagship killer phones that are almost flagship but have a few caveats to bring the price down first up is the pixel 6 a absolutely fantastic all-round phone for its 599 price tag google’s own tensor chip inside is beaten on pure numbers by the best from apple and qual comm for example but in terms of everyday use you won’t notice in the slightest on top of that you get the latest pure stock android 12 a solid 4614 mah battery a 90 hertz 6.4 inch amoled display the strongest gorilla photos might not be quite as consistent as say the best from apple the iphone 13 pro max which i also use all the best from samsung for example but when it gets it right in my opinion there is no other camera phone like it and just dimension 925g chipset and up to eight record some people will tell you that the iphone 13 series takes the best portrait and selfies going but they’re they’re wrong aren’t they subjectively of course edge detection and contrast color temperature and the cinematic feel to the shot again when it nails it there’s absolutely nothing like i’ve  been saying it for two to three years samsung apple xiaomi huawei they all take great photos but in this department there’s nothing like a pixel other great options in this flagship killer area of the market the, 

Xiaomi 11t pro.

With it’s 5000 mah battery and a whopping 120-watt108-megapixel flagship-level fast charging offering naught to 100 in under 20 minutes a 108-megapixel flagshipXiaomi-level die triple camera up to 12 gigabytes of ram stereo speakers and a flagship-level.iPhone snapdragon 888 chipsets soon launch flagship-to-launch first time OIS iPhone all for just 549 UK pounds.      Madness xiaomi are famed for their insane value for money devices but the fastest growing smartphone company ever Real me also have been known to offer such devices and real me are certainly a  to look out for in 2022. the Realme GT explorer master edition was named aside probably it’s too long. 

Oppo  x3 pro.

 Absolutely love these two devices. but the feel in the hands being a mid-range priced phone is just nothing comparable in this area four 500 pound dollar price tag snapdragon 875 g 50-megapixel premium flagship first three-megapixel HD-ever 50-megapixel topics IPhone triple snapdragon 875 g 50 megapixel triple camera stereo speakers and a 4500mah battery really great package as is its air the gt2 pro which offers some incredible features but unfortunately for me fits no longer into the flagship killer bracket because quite simply it’s a 900 price tag it’s straight premium flagship but that price is understandable considering what it offers for that price you do get the first ever smartphone to ship with the snapdragon 801 and it also is the first smartphone to use a 50 megapixel ultrawide lens that has a 150 degree field of view remarkable how much of a scene you can capture with this this is placed alongside a 50 megapixel primary and a three megapixel microscope lens with 40 times magnification 5000 mah battery 65 watt fast charging android 12 with 12 gigabytes of ram and a 6.7 inch quad hd plus 120h HD AMOLED  display protected by gorilla glass victus hugely compelling this phone. 

I hope you like will like my blog. Please give me your valuable comments. I will be waiting for your comments thanks.




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