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How to record call recording? Call recording on WhatsApp

How to record call recording?

The question of how to make call recording in android phone is simple, it is easy to record in phone, we will answer this question in two ways – click on call recording option and automatic call recording.

Click on the call recording option –  Whenever someone calls or you will see that after a call is received, there will be some options on the call screen like mute, hold, add call, etc, one of which is “record”. There is also an option, just during a call, you have to click on that call recording option and the call recording will start.

Automatic call recording – Your second question may also be how to do automatic call recording, you want to record every call automatically, for that you have to search for call settings after going to phone settings, you need to go to call settings there is search call settings . Recording options will appear, just turn it on and every call you have will be automatically recorded after that.

We have told you how to make call recordings but some people also have questions about how to view call recordings or how to view call recordings of your phone, for this you can go to the file manager and find the call log folder your all call logs will be in Where can be seen, can also be deleted.

We told you above how to record calls without the app, but you can also record calls with the help of a call recording app if you want.

How to turn off call recording?

If you see it, the call recording option is turned off by default. You only need to click the recording option during the call to record the call, but the call recording option may be turned on, which is called automatic call recording. We call it How to record call recording as we have already mentioned above, and we talked about how to make automatic call recording, the same, you have to go to settings to turn it off, and then you can record the call according to the arrival, so that you Just know we have to make call recording Kaise Band Karen and how to make call recording on Whatsapp.

How to record a call on Whatsapp?

Whatsapp is and what is it for, all this needless to say, today we all know it very well and use it every day, even from ordinary people to the biggest businessmen, can’t be wrong, it’s in everyday life a special section.

Whatsapp has become a good messenger, it has become an easy communication medium for information exchange these days, the convenience of voice calls and video calls makes it even more special, some people mainly use it for video calls, and since some people want to be able to record voice /video call, so let’s take a closer look.

As we all know, there is no feature in whatsapp to record voice/video calls, so if you want to do call recording, you have to use a third-party app.

How to record Whatsapp voice call recording?

You can use Cube Call Recorder ACR app to record voice calls, in addition to that, you can also use Automatic Call Recorder App, Messenger Call Recorder and Real Call Recorder App to record calls. With these apps, you can record Whatsapp calls on your Android phone.

Cube Call Recorder ACR Download Here.

To record voice on WhatsApp, we recommend you to use Cube Call Recorder acr app, you can download it from PlayStore, with this feature you can not only do Whatsapp call recording but also other apps like – Facebook, Phone , Skype You can also record calls from Hangouts, WeChat, Telegram, etc.

Let us see how to make video call recording in Whatsapp with the help of these apps –

  • Download these apps from Playstore.
  • After installing the app, open it.
  • When the app opens, it asks you for many permissions.
  • Allow these permissions according to you.
  • Now if you make a whatsapp call, the call recording will start.

Now maybe the app is not working on your phone or you are not satisfied with it, then you can try this trick as shown below. – In this trick, you have to use the phone voice recorder app that comes with every phone.

For example, if you have a whatsapp call and you want to record it, then keep in mind that before answering the call, you must start recording and turn on the speaker of the call, then the call will be recorded, and then after the call is over. Then you can save that recording so the Whatsapp voice call will be recorded.

How to make Whatsapp video call recording?

Below we recommend some apps with which you can record whatsapp video calls, basically this is your screenshot and screen recorder app available on playstore for free.

  • DU recorder
  • AZ Screen Recorder

Let us see how to make video call recording in Whatsapp with the help of these apps –

  • You can go to the playstore to download these.
  • After downloading, install it.
  • Now you have to open this app before making or receiving a call.
  • After opening, play the recording key to make or answer calls. With this, your video call recording will begin.
  • Now when the call is over, stop these apps and save the call recording.

How to make call recording in Jio Phone?

Android phones have call recording options, Jio phones don’t have options like call recording and recording, it comes with KaiOS, it’s also a keyboard phone, so there’s a lot of work to do but if you want to do call recording in it, then you’ll find it on the playstore Many apps that can record calls.

Learn how to make call recording in Jio Phone –

  • Go to PlayStore and download Call Recorder for Jio 4g Voice App.
  • After downloading, you install it.

Now you can also use the app to record calls in Jio Phone.

Friends, in today’s post, we learned how to do a call recording? In addition to that, we also talked about call recording on WhatsApp. We sincerely hope you enjoy this article and learn a lot of new things. If you have any questions or suggestions on this topic, be sure to let us know in the comments below and share this article with your friends.



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