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How to Fix 404 Page Not Found Errors for Blogger.

Hello friends, if you are a blogger or you have a website, then you must have also faced the problem of 404 page not found error. This question applies to all bloggers. We should not take it lightly. This is a serious problem. Therefore, your blog may be affected. It can also reduce your visitors. This will also reduce your income. So if you get 404 Page Not Found error in your blog, fix it now. It is very important to fix it. So today in this article we will learn how to fix 404 Page Not Found error. First of all know what is 404 Page Not Found?

What is a 404 not found page in a blogger?

When you delete a post on your blog or change the link of a post. When a visitor clicks on the link, a 404 Page Not Found page opens. Let’s say you have changed the link of an old post in your blog. Now give the link of the same old post in the new post. So if a visitor clicks on this old post of yours. So it will show 404 Page Not Found error. Let me tell you, this will cause trouble to your visitors. They may leave your blog. This does not affect the search engine, but has a very bad effect on the traffic. The traffic on your blog starts decreasing. And the income has also come down.

How to check 404 page not found error in blogger blog?

There are many of you bloggers who do not know how to check 404 page not found error. very easy way. All you have to do is follow all the steps I have mentioned. You will be able to easily check your blog for 404 Page Not Found error.

1) Start by opening Google Search Console. Then click on your “blog”.

2) Now click on “Scratch”.

3) Then click on “Crawling Errors”.

4) Now you can see how many 404 errors are showing in your blog.

5) Now you will see a link with “404 Error” at the bottom, you have to “copy” it.

How to Fix 404 Page Not Error in Blogger?

1) First of all log in to Blogger and go to Dashboard.

2) Now go to “Settings”.

3) Now click on “Search Preferences”.

4) Now click on “Edit” in front of “Custom Redirect”.

5) Now you have to “Tick” the “From” box in the previous box.

6) Now paste the copied link from Google Search Console in front of “From”.

7) Now enter your new URL in front of “To” you want to redirect instead of 404 Page Not Found.

8) Then “Tick” in the box next to “Parmanent”.

9) Now click on save. Then click “Save Changes”.

10) Now you have to do the last step. Now you have to go to Google Search Console and the URL to which you have redirected. Select it. Then click “Mark as Fixed”.

So friends, in this way you can easily fix 404 Page Not Found for your blog. I hope you enjoy this article. You must have understood all the steps given by me. If you have any question or suggestion then you can ask us through comment.



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