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How to improve the loading speed of your blog and website 2022.

Hello friends if you are a blogger. If you have a blog or website, it is important that your blog loads well. Loading speed is very important for website ranking. That’s why it’s important that your blog or website should load fast and well. If your blog loads slowly or poorly, then it can have a bad impact on your site’s rankings. That’s why I’m blogging today, and then I’ll give tips on how to improve your site’s loading speed. You can increase the loading speed of your blog or website with the help of the people you follow.

Before we rank a blog or website, Google does some tests for search engine loading speed. Google will rank the blog or website even if the loading speed is good. That’s why it is very important for us to reduce the load time of our blog. Get our blog ranked fast. Also, if your blog gives me time to load, no visitor will want to visit your blog. You can give your own example. If you ever open a blog or website and the site has given me opening hours, you close the site and ignore the site again. So we also have to set the loading speed of our blog so that no visitor ignores our blog.

Furthermore, Research Me experts clarified that 47% of visitors prefer accessibility sites that open after 3 seconds of loading. If a website takes more than 3 seconds to load, 40% of visitors will close it. So take care of all your listeners. No tourist will be disappointed or sad. Because for us tourists are everything. That’s why I am posting to tell you the best top tips. Use it to reduce the load time of your blog. After that your blog will load quickly.

How to Improve website loading speed.

1) Use Responsive Templates

It is very important that your blog or website is responsive. Because it depends on how fast your blog loads. You should use an ESI template that is compatible with all devices. If you can afford a little investment, go with the premium template. Premium templates are not very expensive. And you pay only once. After that you can send us the template in any blog. It doesn’t matter if you don’t want to invest. Free Me also provides you with responsive templates. You can also use them for your blog.

2) Optimize and compress your code

We all know that coding is essential to make any blog or website. It is impossible to create any blog or website without coding. Any function on a website requires coding. Header, sidebar, footer, design, everything has to be coded. But do you know that increasing the code size can affect the loading speed of your blog or website. So we should check the encoding size of our blog. And it should be put to the best use. When we add external widgets, plugins and coding to our blog, it slows down the blog.

That’s why I want to give you a suggestion that before adding any external code to your blog, you should optimize it. The way of image optimization also needs to optimize the code. You first optimize your custom code and then add it to your blog. This will not affect the speed of your blog in any way and your blog will load quickly. Let me tell you some tools to compress the code. You can compress your custom code with the help of this tool.

 i) CSSCompressor

ii) CSSMinifier

iii) HtmlMinifier

3) Don’t use too many widgets

Using too many widgets can also slow down the loading speed of your blog. So use widgets sparingly. Use the widgets you have to use. Do not put the Bakers widget in your blog at all. Eliminate this baker or useless widget you’ll never need from your blog. Also, when we install the custom template, it comes with many widgets that we don’t need. You remove them. Because it slows down the loading speed of the blog. So we need to remove them. Also, if your blog or website is fast on computer or laptop, it does not mean that it is good on mobile. We all know that 70% of our blog visitors come from mobile devices. So we need to make our blog mobile friendly. Use Bekar ke widgets in bulk also for mat kare. Remove them immediately.

4) Optimize images

Image optimization ka matlab to aap sabhi jante hi honge. Reducing the size of the image is called image optimization. Due to the large size of the image, the load in the blog is also more read. So we should always upload images with optimization. Before uploading any image editing is required, but after editing the size of the image increases, so we have to compress it along with the edited image. But while optimizing the image, you have to keep in mind that the quality of the image is not reduced. Because optimization also reduces the quality of the image. So, while optimizing your images, be careful not to shoot quality. You will find many tools on the internet that allow you to compress images without losing quality.

5) Don’t use too many ads

There are a lot of bloggers who blog just to earn money and there are a lot of advertisements. But let me tell you, if you have also started blogging to earn money, then leave it now. Because then you will never be successful in blogging. Blogging is the best way to earn money. But you have to prioritize your visitors and write your best content. This is why I recommend that you get more ad pad impressions in your blog. This can cause problems for your visitors. If Adsense is approved on your blog and your karate is showing too many ads, then your Adsense account may be disabled soon. Easley would never make such a mistake. In the lure of earning more money, you can lose your visitors.

6) Don’t display too many posts on the blog homepage

If you want a website to run fast on your blog, you have to follow every step, big and small. Only then you will be able to make your blog faster. One of these steps is the home page of the blog. Akshar’s new blogger has posted several karate posts on his blog homepage. Kai Blogger also displays 12 to 15 karate posts on the homepage of their blog. This is wrong guys. This will slow down your blog. Displaying too many posts on the homepage can slow down your website. That’s why I suggest you do the last 5 shows on your blog. In addition, you can display up to 7 posts. But perform more than 7 backstage. Showing 5 to 7 posts on the homepage will not have any adverse effect on the speed of your blog.

7) Website Speed ​​Test

If your blog or website is open then give me time so that you can do speed test on your blog. By running a speed test on your blog, you will also know why your blog is slow. what went wrong Apart from this, you can also find tips to fix these errors. That is why it is important that you test the speed of your blog. You will find many tools on the internet to test the speed of your blog or website. With Jinky Help, you can test the speed of your blog. I recommend you a tool. You can easily test the speed of your blog with the help of this tool. And also come to fix the bugs. “Google Page Speed ​​Insights” – This tool comes from Google. So it is reliable too.

For friends, these are the best tips and tricks to increase the speed of your blog. I hope you enjoy this article and understand all the steps I have mentioned. If you have any question then you can ask us in comment. We will definitely reply to your comment. Also, follow Tech Hindi Gyan so that you get notified about all our new posts.



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