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How to fix Google AdSense low value content error?

How do I fix the Google AdSense low value content error? Undoubtedly, AdSense is the easiest and best way to make money from your blog, but it needs to be approved for an AdSense account. Acceptance of a Google AdSense account is subject to certain conditions. Google displays some errors when the conditions are not met. One of these errors is the Low Value Content Error, which we will know about today and its solution will be covered in this post.

How to fix Google AdSense low value content error?

Low value content error is a very common mistake faced by many bloggers. This is the response you get when you submit your site for approval. “Your site does not yet meet the Google Publisher Network usage standards. For more information, please review the following resources:

  • Minimum Material Requirements
  • Make sure your website has unique high quality content and a good user experience
  • Webmaster Quality Guidelines for Streamlined Content
  • Quality Guidelines for Webmasters

At first glance it seems that there is less content on the site, hence this error comes. Content means at least:-

  • Posts are too few.
  • Posts word are too few.
  • There is a problem with the Contact Us or Privacy Policy page.

This error can also appear due to these reasons, but many bloggers have corrected everything, and even though this error keeps appearing, we understand the real reason.

Why do I get an AdSense low value content error?

There can be many reasons for this error, but these are the most common. Post what people don’t want. Google is the place to ask questions. In this field people ask their questions like –

  • What is the population of Delhi?
  • How to make money?
  • How to update phone software?
  • How to become a doctor?

Bloggers like us give answers when people ask questions. All bloggers make websites based on their information, give answers to people and people come to their website to read the answers. If there is a site like this, with fewer posts, fewer words, and a good design, Google will approve AdSense even if the site is responding to the logo.

If you write lots of posts with good word count and good design, but people don’t get answers from the site, it will be considered as low value content. The logic behind this is that no matter how great your website is. If people don’t get benefit from it then it is useless. To get answers, you have to write content on the topic that people are asking questions about.

How to fix Google AdSense low value content error?

This means that Google values ​​high quality original posts and well-established websites. The reason for the error is-

  • site is new
  • Only 10 posts indexed
  • very little original material
  • Naturally, there is very little traffic.

That’s it, the answer is written on the Google forum and now we give you our answer.

Below we have written some measures, implement them on your website and submit application for re-approval. Your website will definitely be approved.

write useful content

Write about topics people are looking for. Choose your preferred site location, but blog about what people want to read. To do this, do keyword research before writing any post. Check how many people got the topic. If you get some search volume on the topic, then start writing a post. Target those keywords in positions with high search volume.

please explain the topic completely

Do not leave any topic incomplete. If a topic requires 800 words, then write only 800 words, 2000 words, write only 2000 words. Don’t opt ​​for word count for all the posts that require writing 1000+ words only. There is no need to do so. The post should answer all of the user’s questions, no matter how big or small.

Content written for users, not search engines

Cover all questions in your post and don’t try to set keywords. If your post is useful people will stop and Google will rank it. Setting keywords will cause the post to rank for a while, but because of incomplete information, fewer people will stay and Google rank will drop.

use professional design

When someone visits the site while reviewing the application the site should look professional. When visiting a site, the first thing you notice is the design of the site. If the design is unprofessional, other factors also don’t play a role.

Don’t add more pictures or videos

Add as many pictures or videos to your blog as you want. By the way, images and videos make the content attractive and help in ranking. But the post should have more text and add media where needed. Too much media can adversely affect the quality of the content.

Website structure should be simple and effective

When your site is being reviewed, users should be able to navigate the site comfortably. Your site content should not be good, but users can’t access these posts from home page. There is a simple rule that you can access any post from the homepage in just 2 clicks.

  • Like first on category and then on post
  • Or hit the search bar first, then the post.
  • add required page

Before applying for AdSense, you need to add some pages such as

  • about us
  • Contact
  • Privacy Policy
  • Disclaimer

These pages show that you can properly present yourself to users. There are some policies on your website and an option to get in touch if any issues arise.

don’t index tags

At times, we also allow tags to be indexed in Google. In this case, the tagged page gets a higher index than the original post. This can cause many problems like –

  • The same article is indexed multiple times in Google, which appears to be duplicate content.
  • The exact number of posts for this site is unknown.
  • Many pages on this site are indexed in low or low quality, please visit Google Webmasters and remove the tagged pages.

Take care of outbound links

Outbound links can cause 2 problems –

  • broken link
  • Links to low-quality sites

Add only those important links to your post. If links to old posts are broken, please update them.

Check index

Google may not be indexing your important posts, or it may be indexing one post over and over. If you don’t pay attention to indexing, the exact same article can be indexed multiple times.

  • url from post
  • in a separate page for each tab
  • in page category
  • in author page
  • This creates the problem of duplicate content.
  • Content must be unique

This is the most common and important factor. Each post on the website must be unique. Do not copy or translate from anywhere.

Content must be grammatically correct

Neither users nor search engines like posts with poor grammar. Write once, check at least 3 times. If there is an error, correct it. Read the comments on the post and modify the post as suggested by the comments.

Concluding sentence

In this article, you learned how to fix Google AdSense low value content error, friends, if you liked this article, please share this article.



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