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What is web hosting and how many types are there? complete guide


In today’s post, I will tell you what web hosting is, how web hosting works, where to buy web hosting, which company to buy web hosting from, and the types of web hosting. If you want to know, go ahead and read this article completely.

Having your own website and maintaining a website is a big thing in the internet world, and since maintaining a website is not everyone’s business, it is very important to have proper knowledge in the field of blogging. For this it is very important to deal with little things like assuming your website has a domain name and hosting is very important so the identity of your website can be found.

Some strangers in the blogging world don’t know the H of hosting, they can’t buy hosting according to their needs, so they have to face the difficulty of moving forward. Today in this article, I will give you a detailed explanation of what hosting is, how to buy it and how many types there are, after reading this article in its entirety, you can choose the right hosting.

What is Web Hosting?

When you create a website or blog, all content (such as images, pages and pages, etc.) must be stored on a server so that others can access it over the Internet. Web hosting is a service that allows us to upload our website to the internet.

In order for the website to work on the host, we need a powerful server which should be connected to the internet at all times, which is our website and can run 24/7 without any problems for our users.

We cannot maintain this type of hosting ourselves and maintenance costs are very high, which is why we turn to web hosting companies for website hosting. The company has its own powerful servers and technical staff.

What are the types of web hosting? (hosted type)

I have told above what is virtual hosting? And how it works Now we will know how many types of web hosting there are, what are their jobs. There are four main types of hosting, and I will give you a detailed introduction to these four.

  • Shared web hosting
  • VPS web hosting
  • cloud hosting
  • Dedicated Web Hosting
  • Shared web hosting

When we leave the house to make money, we live in a rented house with lots of people sharing the same room and the same shared web hosting works the same way.

Shared web hosting is a server where the files of thousands of websites are stored together on the same server computer, which is why we call it shared web hosting.

I believe shared web hosting is suitable for those who are just starting a new website as this type of hosting is the cheapest. In this hosting, you will have to face the hassle until people start joining your website, once people start visiting your website you can change your hosting.

Advantages of Shared Web Hosting

  1. This host is more suitable for those who don’t have a lot of money and they can use it for less money.
  2. It’s very easy to customize this hosting.
  3. If your business is small and just starting out, this hosting service is for you.
  4. Here, many tools and plugins can be easily installed, and hosting a website in shared hosting is very easy.

VPS web hosting

VPS hosting is used by websites with a lot of visitors, you get it at a low price, and if you want performance like a dedicated server, then this hosting will be best for you.

It is used in different resources of a virtual server, your website can use as many resources as you want, here you don’t have to share it with other websites, the website will give you the best security and best performance.

  • Small websites that get more traffic in less time can also take advantage of VPN hosting.
  • It’s much better than shared hosting, it’s much faster than shared hosting.
  • In this case, you get full control like dedicated hosting.
  •  Privacy and security are very good in this regard.

Dedicated hosting

The way many websites share the same server space in shared hosting is the opposite of dedicated hosting. A server in dedicated hosting stores files for only one and only one website.

This is the fastest server, no sharing, this hosting is very expensive because all the money has to go to one person.

This site is only for those whose site gets the most visitors in a month and for those who want to make more money.

Cloud web hosting

Cloud web hosting is a type of hosting where our server will not go down even if the traffic on our website is high, because the content of our website is stored on different virtual servers, if one server goes down, then the content of our website comes from Another server. Access begins.

If you are a beginner then cloud hosting is not for you, you can start with shared hosting, VPS hosting is very security focused, your content is stored on virtual servers so it can be accessed from anywhere.

How does web hosting work?

When we create a website on hosting, we want the knowledge and information we share to reach people and people can read and understand it, we have to upload our files on the web hosting.

Once this is done, when users search for a domain name on the Internet in their browsers (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Uc Browser, and Opera Mini), the Internet associates your domain name with the server where your website files are kept .

DNS (Domain Name Server) is used to connect domain names to hosts. This lets the domain know in which server your website is placed, as each server has a different DNS.

Where to buy web hosting?

There are many such companies from India to abroad that offer the best hosting, if more and more Indians are going to read your website, then I would recommend you to buy hosting from India because the hosting servers are in your country. The further away you are, the longer it will take to access the site.

If you buy hosting from all web hosting providers in India then you don’t need a credit card, you can easily buy it through your ATM or UPI, Google pay. After purchasing hosting, you can easily access it by adding it to your domain name.

  1. Hostgator India
  2. Bluehost
  3. Hostinger
  4. SiteGround

Which company to buy hosting from?

You will see many options for buying web hosting but you have to decide which web hosting is best based on your needs because if you don’t know which hosting is good for you it is very important to have something before buying a hosting about hosting Important information.

Disk space

Disk space is the storage capacity of your console, just like you have 500 GB and 1TB in your computer, your console has storage. I recommend buying a host with unlimited disk space so your disks are never in danger of getting full.


We call Bandwith how much data you can access in one second for your website, when someone visits your website, your server uses some data and shares this information.

If your bandwidth is low and your website is getting more and more visitors, there is a chance that your website will go down.


The time your website is online or available is called uptime, and due to some issue your website is down and won’t open, it’s called downtime. All companies now guarantee 99.99% uptime.

Customer service

Every web hosting company says it provides 24 hours customer service but it never happened, I have used four or five web hosting until now but I found that Hostinger hosting is the best because its service is available 24 hours .


In which article today, we learned what is web hosting? , how to buy and how many types there are. I hope you enjoyed this article and now you know which web hosting is best for you.

My suggestion is that you buy Web Hosting Hostinger as it is affordable and fast. If you like this article, be sure to share it with your friends via the social media handle buttons given below, and if there is anything wrong with what I wrote in this article, be sure to let us know by commenting in the comment box so we can Thanks for your correction.



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