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Youtube VS Blogging – Which is the best to earn money


In today’s time, there are many opportunities to make online career and earn money sitting at home. That’s why most of the people want to make their career in the online world except Doctor, Teacher or Engineer.

Blogging and YouTube channel are two of the best and easiest ways to make an online career for any beginner.

There are many such people who have made name, money everything from YouTube, there are other such  blogs who have found immense success in blogging and are earning millions from their blogs.

Through today’s article, we will give you complete information about Blogging Vs YouTube in 2022, after reading which you will understand which is the best platform for you. Where do you get more income?

In this article, we are going to give you complete information about Blogging Vs YouTube so that all your doubts related to Blogging and YouTube will be cleared. Let’s start this article without delay.

YouTube is the most popular and the world’s largest video sharing platform. Videos shared on YouTube can be seen by any person from anywhere in the world for absolutely free. You can earn money by creating a channel in YouTube.

What is blogging

Blogging is a Text Content Sharing Platform. Like YouTube, any person can read the post published in the blog for absolutely free from anywhere.

By writing our knowledge in the blog, we reach the people of the world. You can earn lakhs of rupees a month even by blogging.

Blogging vs Youtube

Now let’s compare YouTube and Blogging, which will make it easier for you to choose one.

1 – Earning (Google AdSense Earning)

YouTube – The CPC available through AdSense in YouTube is very low. Especially if you make a video targeting the Asian country, then you get very little CPC. Due to which Earning will be less through AdSense.

Blogging – Blogging gets more CPC than YouTube. If traffic comes from European country on your blog, then in that case the CPC rate in blogging becomes very high. And your AdSense Earning will be more.

2 – Skill Requirements

YouTube – To create a YouTube channel, you must be able to speak in front of the camera. The camera should be able to face. If you are shy and have a problem speaking in front of the camera, then YouTube will not be the right option for you.

But if you do not have any problem in doing Camera Face, you can feel free to speak in front of the camera, then YouTube is very best for you. Your popularity also increases very quickly from YouTube.

Along with this, you will also have to learn Video Editing, Script Writing.

Blogging – If your writing skill is very good then blogging is very best for you. You can also do blogging in oblivion. And can also become popular through blogging.

There are many bloggers who do blogging without revealing their identity and earn millions.

Talking about essential skills in blogging, then you will have to learn things like SEO, Content Writing, Web Designing etc.

3 – Investment

YouTube – To start a YouTube channel, you have to buy many tools. Like Camera, Stand, Video Editing Software Etc. To start a YouTube channel, you will need an investment of about 15 to 20 thousand.

Blogging – To start blogging, you need a domain and hosting. If you buy hosting from a good company like Bluehost, A2 Hosting and Cloudways, then it will cost you about 3 to 7 thousand rupees for a year. You can buy the domain from Godaddy.

If you want quick success in Blogging Career, then you can also buy a premium theme like Generatepress and tools like SEMrush. This is an Optional Investment. If you want, do not buy them in the beginning.

But if you do not have enough money for investment, then you can also create your blog in Google’s Free Platform Blogger.

4 – Competition

YouTube – YouTube may have a little less competition than blogging. If any one of your videos becomes viral, then you can get quick success in YouTube.

Blogging – Competition in blogging depends on which language you write a blog in and on which niche you work.

If you write a blog in English then the competition increases a bit. Competition in Hindi blogging is not that high at present.

5 – Old Content Value

YouTube – The value of old content in YouTube is very low. As the video gets old, the traffic coming on it also decreases. This is a huge disadvantage of YouTube.

On YouTube, we made a video on a topic, and later if some updates come in that topic, then we need to make a new video again.

Blogging – The value of old content increases in blogging. Traffic also increases in the older the content. This is the biggest advantage of blogging.

We have written a blog on any topic and if there is any update in that topic then we can easily update our blog post. We will not need to write a new post.

6 – User Trust

YouTube – YouTube’s algorithm is not as advanced as Google’s yet. If you do a Topic Search in YouTube, then you get to see a lot of Useless Videos due to which the user is not able to trust.

Blogging – Google’s algorithm is very advanced. In this, the user gets very accurate information. Because the same website ranks in the top pages of Google which gives accurate information. Therefore, while blogging, you also have to pay attention that the information you give is correct.

7 – Youtube VS Blogging – Who gets success quickly?

To get success in both YouTube and Blogging, you have to be patient. But the advantage in blogging is that once you understand how things work, you can create many blogs and earn good money by bringing traffic to all blogs.

But before creating another channel for YouTube, you should have a good understanding of the topic on which you are going to create a channel. And then it is not necessary that just as your first channel grew, in the same way the second should also happen.

Overall, it will take some time to get success in both YouTube and Blogging. But with Blogging Skill you can manage many blogs.

8 – YouTube vs Blogging Earning Way

Earning is good in both YouTube and Blogging. You can earn lakhs of rupees a month through both. Your earning depends on your hard work.

If 100 views come in a video of your YouTube, then you will not earn any money, but on the other hand, if 100 visitors also come to your blog, then you earn 1 – 2 $.

YouTube vs Blogging Future

Both YouTube and Blogging have a very good future, if you work hard on them for a few years, then you can make a better career.

YouTube’s Algorithm is also being updated, so if you want to become a Youtuber and earn money from YouTube for a long time, then you have to provide good content. Only then can you become a Professional Youtuber.

In blogging you have to learn many things like SEO, Content Writing, Web Designing etc. Future is very good in blogging too. But here the competition is more than YouTube. You will need to learn continuously. Only then you can become a successful blogger.

Final Words – Blogging vs YouTube

Many people believe that blogging is ending due to coming from YouTube. Yes it is true that people like to watch video content more, but it does not mean at all that blogging is ending. Blogging is as popular as ever before.

You can also earn good money from blogging. With the information given by us in Blogging Vs YouTube, you must have understood well which is the best platform for you. If you want, you can do both together.

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