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How to Make a Career in Blogging in 2022.


Hello friends!! In this post I will tell you whether blogging can be seen as a career? How much can we earn from blogging? How successful is blogging instead of job? If all these questions are on your mind then you have come to the right place. Because in this post I will give the correct answer to all these questions. This question used to bother me a lot too. Then I did a lot of research. And after that some experience happened which I am going to share with you as an answer to all the experiences.

If we think before starting blogging that how much money we will get to earn from day one. So let me tell you that blogging is not a job, you will start getting salary from the very first months.

That thing is different that if you have become a professional in blogging, then you can make good money from the first month itself. But beginners should not think about money first, they should think about setting up their blog.

If you just want to make a blog for money then I think you have very less chance to get success. Or will not get it. That’s why you want to work. But if you pay attention to the content first, then you can make a career in blogging 100%.

Let me tell you that blogging is also like a business. Just like things like loyalty, quality, help are important in a business, in the same way it happens in blogging. How do you identify the problems of the people and how do you find their solutions. And then create a trust in the heart of the people. ,

On the basis of my experience and knowledge, I have made a formula to get success in blogging, that formula is :-

Publishing high quality content share

When people search any information or question on the internet and their solutions are found on your blog. He doesn’t know you personally. They just have to see their solutions or information. Therefore, on the basis of your interest and knowledge, you should put the content in your blog. Which is useful for the people. Overall your blog should have good and best quality content

The traffic on the blog should be maximum.

When the content on your blog is good, only then traffic will come to your blog. May have to wait a bit for traffic. But if your content is useful and there is no copy content then traffic will definitely come to your blog.

Blog Monitization

Friends, when you have done these 2 things during the beginning, then you have to monetize your blog. Monetization means placing ads on your blog, which makes our income. It is not that if we do not see ads on our blog, then we cannot earn money. Apart from this, you can earn money from blog in many ways.

For example:- Affiliate marketing can also make income by providing services.

Important Tips and Tricks to Make Blogging May Career

On which topic make a blog?

If you have decided that I want to make my career in blogging only then you have to find interest in one of your fields. An interesting topic about which you know very deeply. And you will enjoy telling people about it. It would be better if you don’t go on sheep-handling. Because nowadays whatever new bloggers are making their blog, then just see that this Banda blog is so popular. If I also make a similar blog, then my blog will also become popular. With this, even if a few visitors will come to your blog. But if you are thinking of making a career then it will not happen to you, my guarantee is there.

Blog about topics

I want to say this to every new blogger that you choose the topic according to you and do not do this work for others. That is why your first focus should be on the topic of your blog. That too in just one field. I suggest some topics-

• Technology



•Product Review





By the way, I make a request that you identify your interest. And then it will be better only if you start your own blog according to the same. I am saying this because if you do blogging in any other field then you will get bored very soon and stop blogging.

keep your target

You think every day that I have to post some post today, in any way. What I mean to say is that you should be serious about your blog. You set a target that how many posts are to be posted in 1 week. Then you complete that goal/target. You will also get a motivation that you have put good content in a short time.

Be patience 

Blogging is a slow process. This is not a method to earn money overnight. That’s why it requires some professionalism. Don’t stop blogging. You will get guaranteed success. Because as you get old in blogging, you will get to learn many things.

Focus for Quality Content:-

Always keep in mind that whatever you are publishing on your blog should be useful. And should be eye-catching. Eye-catching means that if the visitor sees your content even once, then do not go through it without reading it. Few things you should pay attention to write quality content

• Write each post in detail

• Use perfect pictures in your post, which matches with your paragraph

• You have written the heading, titles of the post well

•Write aapne post up to minimum 500 words

• Write Grammar and Words correctly.

How Much Money Can be Made from Blogging.

Blogging is a business in which the more work you do, the more money you can earn. But if you do a job then you will have a fixed income, you cannot earn more than that.

If you want to become rich then you cannot become job by doing job, for that you have to do some work of your own. The company gets the result of the hard work we do in doing the job, but if we do our own business, then we will get the full result of the hard work we put in. But if you can’t work hard then the job is right for you.

How Much Money Can I Earn from Blog.

So friends, now you must have been clear that if you want to make a career in blogging then what you have to do and how to do it.

If you have any question or you have any such point which is necessary to know before making a career in blogging, then definitely tell that too. And don’t forget to tell how you liked this information.



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