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How to Increase Blog Traffic in 2022 || Technical Septa Radhe


If you will also have a question in your mind that how do I bring traffic to my website, then today through this post I am going to tell you how to bring more visitors to the website.

Friends, nowadays everyone is making a blog and website, as you did, everyone wants to earn money sitting at home. After setting up your website or blog, you are also thinking that now how to get more views or visitors on it.

Unless you get more traffic on your website, neither you will get Google Adsense Approval nor will your website rank on Google.

With the help of this post, you can bring Internet traffic to your blog. Let us tell you today Boost Your Blog Traffic.

How to Increase Blog Traffic?

With the help of this post, we are going to tell you such ways by which you can increase Blogger’s traffic by 2 to 4 times. All these methods are natural. A successful blogger can be made in these ways.


#1 Share this article on Whatsapp

Yes, we know how beneficial Whatsapp is for your website. No one knows that in the early days Whatsapp can boost your website. Actually you use Whatsapp till now only in Chatting and Sharing but now you have to share link of your website and link of your post in all your groups.

Suppose you have 5 groups, in all these groups more than 1000 i.e. more than 200 people will be connected in each group. If 100 of these people also come to your website, then you will benefit a lot. But you have to keep in mind that you do not have to enter the links everyday or repeatedly, you have to schedule, you have to enter a time. Promote your website in such a way that people do not get upset.


#2 Publish Unique Content Daily

Whenever you write your post, you have to keep in mind that why any person is getting your post because he will be getting some help with the help of your post, if you write unique content then after reading your post that person will definitely come to your website again. . Here you must write the right post and make sure to write your post in as many questions as possible.


#3 Post on Pinterest daily

If you know a little bit of English then you can use Pinterest Platform. Here you can increase the traffic of your website or blog by putting a post in English. For your information, let us tell you that if you pin a regular post on Pinterest, then good traffic can come to your blog.


#4 Create Youtube channel and promote blog

You can promote your website for free by creating a Youtube channel, you have to go to the About section of your channel and put a link to your website. By which you will get a backlink. Also you have to put videos on Youtube. You can put a link to your website i.e. Blog in each video. Which you can also earn money from Youtube channel.


#5 Bring visitors to the blog by answering on Quora

Quora is a question and answer website, on this you can bring traffic to your website by giving a link to your website along with answering any question. If you also answer 5 questions daily on this blog, then you can easily get traffic of 100 to 400 users daily.

#6 Blog Post Share Button

You must put Post Share Button on your blog like Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube. So that people can share your post with their friends. As people share your blog post, you will get a lot of traffic.


#7 Increase Website Loading Speed

If you want to increase traffic on your blog, then you have to increase the speed of your website. Most people leave the website and go because the blog opens slowly, so you must try the methods of fast loading your blog.

#8 Write Attractive Headline on Blog

You should write the blog headline well so that if anyone shares the post of your website, then everyone can understand its headline on the social platform and after reading the headline, the visitor will know on which topic this post is written.

Along with this, write the blog headline attractive and unique so that your post gets more clicks from Google.

#9 Interview a big blogger

This method is very effective, with this you can connect many bloggers together. You must take an interview of a famous blogger, you must take an interview of a very popular blogger, if not more famous.


#10 Use WordPress Seo Plugin

You can rank your blog on Google using WordPress Seo Plugin. You can use Google Site Kite and Yoast Seo Plugin for SEO.

If you have Yoast SEO Plugin then you must setup Yoast SEO Plugin properly.

#11 Add Keyword to Image

Make sure to use keywords in the image, so that the search engine will be able to know what the image is about, that is, write Title and Alt Text and Caption in the image. If you put keywords in the image, then you will also start getting traffic from Google Image Search.

#12 Must Add Post Subtitle

Apart from Title, you must use Heading like Post Subtitle like H2, H3, H4 etc. so that your post ranks on more than one Keyword. With this, your article will be able to answer all the questions in detail.


#13 Keep Blog Posts Updated

You must publish a post daily or every two days on the blog. Due to which your Website / Blog Traffic Increase will definitely happen. If you keep making changes in your writing from time to time regularly, then you will not read to think about how to increase traffic on the blog. You will continue to get traffic from Google easily like this.

#14 Give the user post updates via email

Make sure to put the Email Subsribe button on your blog or website so that if a visitor subscribes to your email, then your posts can be found through email. It is very unique to bring traffic to the blog.

#15 Share the post on Facebook

There is no need to tell how to increase the traffic of your website from Facebook, you and we all know that Facebook is liked by every blogger. You should create a page on Facebook and share the post on it everyday. You can also do this with the help of automatic WordPress plugin.


#16 Share articles by creating a profile on LinkedIn

Now you will think that what is LinkedIn, it is a business website, here you have to share the post and create an account on LinkedIn and you have to put the link of your blog in your profile details. From which you will get High Quality Backlink for Bing and Yahoo Search Engine from here.



The point of the matter is that if you have written your correct post and have also learned Post Seo properly, then you can get your blog ranked on Google. Gradually, the visitors to your website will also increase. To increase the traffic on the blog, you have to do regular work with patience. One day it will be such that you will have traffic of lakhs of visitors per month.

That’s why we have told you the Best Way to Boost Your Blog Traffic. If you liked this article, please share it, thanks.



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