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Like a mixture of Pokemon and a virtual pet simulator, Digimon World holds up surprisingly well. Missing the shackles of later installments that would rely heavily on the brand recognition of the Digimon Anime, Digimon World is a solid, stand-alone adventure that takes some of the best parts of pocket monsters and throws in an interesting mix of new ideas.

I liked Tamagotchi when they came over from Japan, so it’s not so much of a surprise to me that I enjoyed this monster-raising game. Digimon World takes the Tamagotchi theme and, using prerendered backgrounds and polygonal characters, makes an RPG out of it. Thrust into the world of File City, your character must save the world naturally , using his collection of digital monsters. Depending on how you raise, train and treat your Digimon, it may grow up to be an attentive, well-trained servant or a bratty, spoiled whiner.

It’s taken Bandai long enough to get Digimon World here, as this game is almost two years old, and it does show its age in terms of aesthetics, but that doesn’t detract from the fun quotient at all. There are tons of Digimon to find and train, and the interface is clean and simple. It was a little slow at times, but I didn’t mind the shortcomings so much because I love the character designs like Angemon and Garurumon, and especially cute lil’ Potamon and found the theme of raising critters rewarding.

The lack of analog control is unfortunate though, as the D-pad makes this a bit of a thumb-buster, but Digimaniacs certainly won’t mind. Fans and other junior monster-breeders sick of Nintendo’s critters will find an edgier alternative here. I find it an endearing RPG-lite. Does your existence revolve around watching the Digimon TV show, collecting the figures and playing the card game?

If so, maybe you’ll be able to overlook all of this game’s shortcomings. But if you could care less about the care and pampering of digital monsters, then forget this one.

It’s Tamagotchi with battles. What graphics? While not the worst I’ve seen, they’re nothing to get excited over. Gameplay isn’t nearly as deep or involving as Pokemon and the load times are ridiculous–it takes forever to go from area to area and begin battles.

Two years ago this might’ve been a decent PlayStation game. Unless you’re a Digimon freak of the highest proportion, the only endearing aspect of this game is the novelty of having monsters take a poop on screen once in a while. Otherwise, the characters are uninteresting, the game’s pace is slow and the battle system What did I do to deserve this?

You have almost zero control over combat once it begins. While you can give them the odd general order once in a while, you’ll mostly be watching the screen helplessly.

Unfortunately, too many of the battles break down to what looks like a staring contest between your Digimon and its attacker. The translation is sub-par as well. Avoid this junk. Unfortunately, the game has never seen a release outside of Japan despite a massive online campaign for its localization. As a result, players will need to use a fan-made translation patch to experience the game.

Nonetheless, Digmon World: Re:Digitize stands out from its predecessors and is a fundamental reason that the Digimon series has experienced a resurgence in the past few years. Similar to previous games such as Digimon World , Next Order mostly comprises of raising Digimon through battles or interactions , and it features two partners instead of one.

It also featured an interesting AI battle system where Digimon mostly fought in real-time on their own while players could issue commands or give them items. Though Next Order ‘s story is weaker than other games, Digimon Survive fans will find the strategic combat system quite interesting.

As it does not seem like the upcoming title focuses on raising Digimon, fans can turn to Next Order to experience this side of the franchise. Digmon World Dawn and Digimon World Dusk are beloved by fans for its additions to the monster-collecting mechanics as well as the introduction of brand new Digimon.

Although they did not set the world on fire, these titles were bright spots during an era when Digimon was struggling to hit the mark when it came to games.

In March , Bandai Namco released a teaser trailer highlighting Digimon Survive ‘s main characters and their partners. The video’s somber music reinforces that the upcoming game will likely have a mature and dark tone, two things the franchise has sporadically explored throughout its history. In fact, the original Digimon Adventure anime has its share of intense moments, and the same can be said for its sequel, Digimon Adventure Tri.

Despite the anime’s popularity, it has rarely served as direct inspiration for the games. The one proper adaptation, ‘s Digimon Adventure , never made its way out of Japan, which is a shame as it one of the better turn-based RPGs in the series.

Combining a streamlined version of the anime’s story with original character-driven short episodes, Digimon Adventure is a treat for fans who grew up with the show that helped put the franchise on the map. Release Date October 18, Studio Media. Release Date January 30, Studio B.



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This means players can expect a lot of back and forth to various corners of the island ad nauseum.


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